Antiviral Mask Filter

£25.00 inc VAT

Permeable filters to stop respiratory droplets and removing airborne particles

Nanocoatings to kill bacteria and viruses on-contact

Proven to kill respiratory germs including coronavirus from both the inward and outward breath, providing 2 way protection to both the user and their surroundings

Outer layers remove small particles and respiratory droplets while inner coated carbon shield kills coronavirus on-contact.

Compatible with Nanoxx face-masks

We present Nanoxx face mask filters, designed and engineered with patented multilayer nanocoating technology. Produced by our R&D laboratories, they have strong, proven antibacterial/antiviral activity against all microbes including coronavirus. They filter airborne particles, respiratory droplets and kill pathogens therein on-contact, with no particle residue or toxic material reaching the user.

Nanoxx Mask Filters consist of 4 layers of nonwoven polymer layers, and a carbon fabric layer chemically modified with a viricidal coating. Outer layers remove small particles and respiratory droplets and the coated carbon shield killing coronavirus on-contact.

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Test Results

Our Customer Experiences of our Hand Sanitizer

I found the hand gel to leave a pleasant feel on the hands and not sticky. I liked it very much.


"Great product. Small and easy to carry in your pocket or attach to a belt loop so you can take it with you everywhere very important right now!"


Our Customer Experiences of our Surface Wipes

"Use it in the kitchen and all around the house every day. Cleans efficiently. I also like the lemon scent. It is from natural oils as it says on the pack."


Our Customer Experiences of our Face Masks

"I wore Nanoxx mask during my long journey to Canada, in the airport and the flight and had a peace of mind that I was protected. I have heard comments about how stylish it looks on my face. Gave some to my family as souvenirs :) "


"The Nanoxx mask is a great stylish, comfortable, reusable mask to prevent viral and microbial infections. As it incorporates the latest novel nanotechnology coatings on in its replaceable filter, it is super-efficient."


"Nanoxx mask is very comfortable and breathable, and is convenient and easily adjustable. I wear it all day throughout school and have no issues."