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The coronavirus pandemic has proven to be the greatest challenge of our generation. Facing up to this challenge means acquiring an acute understanding of microbial interactions to reduce the impacts of the virus and, crucially, avoid the outbreaks of future pandemics.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 through the movement of respiratory particles and on solid surfaces is well documented. It is becoming clear that a combination of solutions are necessary to "stop the spread" with a focus on both the clinical aspect (such as vaccines) and complementing technology to reduce transmission.

Our Technology
Our Technology

Surface modifications - A new frontier

ShimyaTech has defined a new paradigm in the fight against COVID-19; developing cutting edge technologies in the field of surface modification and functionalisation, allowing properties of surfaces to be tuned for the desired antimicrobial applications.

Our patented formulations have been proven to effectively eradicate bacteria and virus attachment on various materials. We are proud to offer this technology through our Nanoxx range, to promote good health, safety and security

The added functionalities offered by our technology shows exceptional efficacy against pathogens, with a safe and efficient procedure high durability and robustness.

Novel filtration technology

The reduced release of aerosolized droplets into the air are an essential factor in the efficacy of masks against the spread of coronavirus. Existing filtration strategies succeed in capturing viral particles from the air, but do not deactivate these pathogens.

As a result, air filtration devices such as respirators and masks must be changed frequently when exposure to virus is suspected, a practice that contributes to ongoing PPE shortages and the generation of non-degradable waste. Nanoxx's novel filtration technology can simultaneously catch and kill pathogenic species and is proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) and other viruses.

Our Technology
Our Technology

Nanoxx Range

This technology is to be used in the following products in the Nanoxx range:

Face Masks*; Nannoxx face mask filters are able to filter AND deactivate virus providing an effective barrier between the wearer and the outside. They are cost effective, environmentally degradable, have no cytotoxic effect and can play a key role in reducing the rate of transmission.

Air Filtration; ventilators* A similar avenue of research is based on the use of ventilators which are typically fitted with an inhalant and an expiratory filter. When placed on mechanical ventilation, infected patients can contribute to the spread of the virus through the expiratory valve aerosolizing droplets into ambient air. Nanoxx nanocoatings can be applied onto carbon filters and used in air filtration and ventilators to mitigate this risk.

*D. Chakhalian et al, J Biomed Mater Res. 2020;108:1974-1990.

Upcoming projects, new applications

At Shimyatech, we are constantly striving to push the limits of nanotechnology, with new projects and technologies being worked on every day by our R&D team. As well as the applications above, we are striving to;

  • Design and develop new advanced solutions for clinical problems i.e. currently working on new biomaterials for the mitigation of Prosthetic Joint infections using Nanotechnology
  • Offer household solutions that can help in reducing illness and promote cleanliness
  • Improve the efficacy of our technologies with rigorous research daily.
Our Technology